Finacle Advizor

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Finacle Advizor

Finacle Advizor empowers banks to deliver products and services through a fully assisted self service channel that capitalizes on the organization’s existing Internet banking capability. Leveraging Web 2.0 principles and recent technological advances in the IP convergence space, the solution brings to the self-service channel the comfort of human intervention through ‘triple play’ entailing video, audio and data communication along with co-browsing. In effect, this virtually recreates the service experience at a branch.

Finacle Advizor provides banking customers real-time access to their relationships with the bank, such as account inquiries, fund transfers, remittances, credit card and mutual fund payments. It enables them to make payments to individuals and institutions, through channels like the Internet, kiosk and ATM.

Compatible with any multimedia capable PC with an Internet or intranet connection, the solution leverages the Microsoft application platform.

Key Modules:
  • Customer Interface
  • Advisor Interface
  • Audio/ Video Support
  • Co-browsing
  • Advisor Performance Management

  • Business Benefits
      Customer Delight
    The solution’s self-service capabilities empower customers to access comprehensive banking services in a completely secure environment. The interface also enables banking staff to understand customer needs better. The additional comfort of human intervention, through video, audio and data communication, creates a truly satisfactory customer experience.

      Robust Inclusivity Framework
    The solution extends the reach of the bank’s services, surmounting the complexities of diverse and far flung locations. This enables banks to include, through this new channel, their various customer segments, including specific under-banked and unbanked communities.

      Cost Savings
    Finacle Advizor presents banks with the advantages of reduced integration by leveraging their existing Internet banking solution. It creates an alternate means to lower operation costs for banks. It facilitates a significant reduction in service distribution and transaction costs, by enabling the deployment of an optimized channel management strategy. It also supports the creation of demand generation for banks, without the need to add on cost-intensive branches to drive customer acquisition.