Finacle Customer Analytics

Intelligence driven by values

Finacle Customer Analytics

Finacle customer analytics solution, integrated with Finacle universal banking solution, provides holistic customer analytics for banks, through both insightful business reports and rigorous statistical models. This enables the business to cross-leverage analytic output to strengthen its customer engagement and management strategy, resulting in institutionalization of customer relationships and differentiation of service experience.

The solution empowers banks with comprehensive analytics support, ranging from data acquisition to reporting and analysis, leveraging quantitative modeling techniques and multi-dimensional reporting. It provides critical information such as customer attrition scores or profitability scores to enable comprehensive understanding of the customer. These scores can also be extended to front-end applications or combined with online tacit information to facilitate timely and effective decision making. Truly modular in structure, Finacle customer analytics solution presents banks with the flexibility to pick and choose specific customer analytic functions relevant to the business, across the customer life-cycle stages of acquisition, development and retention.

Key Modules:
  • Campaign Management
  • Cross-sell and Product Holding Analysis
  • Customer Profitability and Lifetime Value Analysis
  • Attrition and Loyalty Analysis
  • Transaction Behavior Analysis
  • Service Request Analysis

  • Business Benefits
      Robust Framework for Customer Acquisition, Development and Retention
    The solution encompasses end to end analytics across the customer relationship life-cycle. The interactive modules provide banks with a robust framework to understand the customer better and facilitate differentiated customer experience.

      Improved Cross-sell Framework
    The solution presents a unified 360° view of the customer, allowing single point access to all the relationships the customer has forged with the bank. This along with robust customer analytics effectively supports true relationship banking, providing a robust framework for cross-sell opportunities. Finacle CRM solution also integrates with other white labeled solutions to facilitate contextual and personalized customer engagement, with a keen focus on right-talk driven right-sell.

      Enhanced Customer Value
    Finacle customer analytics solution increases the bank’s relationship revenue through analytical insights that facilitate effective cross-sell and up-sell, improved stickiness, targeted loyalty programs and profitable repositioning of offerings. This enables banks to take customer centric decisions and enhance customer value.

      Improved Decision-making Support
    Arming banks with best-in-class analytical CRM capabilities throughout the customer lifecycle, Finacle customer analytics solution empowers the business with the intelligence to make informed, well-advised and timely decisions.

      Reduced Time to Market
    The solution’s predefined data mapping, extraction programs and data aggregation draw analytical outputs through an automated process. The in-built analytical models and reporting templates further reduce time to go-live, significantly.