Corporate e-Banking

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Finacle Corporate e-Banking

Finacle corporate e-banking is a comprehensive, corporate and small business banking solution providing a single unified view of corporate banking relationships across asset and liability products, limits, trade finance and cash management. It is designed to support multiple channels including the Internet and mobile, and can be interfaced with disparate host systems and third-party applications.

The solution is built on new-generation industry standard technologies J2EE and .NET. This empowers banks to provide their corporate customers anytime anywhere access to real-time consolidated information. It also offers banks the flexibility to go to market with an innovative product and service offerings portfolio. Finacle corporate e-banking solution is modular and enables banks to hand-pick from its comprehensive set of features. Additionally, the infrastructure services layer of the application provides a framework that aids in deploying new modules rapidly. The solution is multi-currency enabled and offers multilingual support.

Key Modules:
  • Accounts and Transfers
  • Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP)
  • Payments
  • Collections Management
  • Liquidity Management
  • Trade Finance

    Business Benefits
      Aggregated Cross Border Service
    The corporate e-banking solution’s rich financial information portal provides corporate customers a comprehensive facility to view critical information and monitor transactions across geographies through a single interface. This plays a vital role in enabling the bank to provide all the global financial solutions demanded by business houses expanding their footprint across geographies.

      Business Agility
    Built on industry standard platforms J2EE and .NET, the corporate e-banking solution provides the bank tremendous flexibility to extend its product portfolio and customize the solution according to requirements. The architecture of the solution enables the bank to write business rules once and deploy them anywhere, add new rules, modify existing ones or integrate them with other applications seamlessly. The solution also provides an additional layer that can be extended to interface with multiple back office systems. All this enhances agility of operation, helping the bank identify new opportunities and roll out new products.

      Robust Security
    The corporate e-banking solution offers extensive application security features and provides a robust framework to integrate with specialized security software. This enables the bank to confidently offer products that are highly secure and geared to withstand the onslaught of security threats that abound around Internet transactions.

      Lower TCO
    The deployment of Finacle enables a relatively cost-efficient channel through which to serve customers. As the number of transactions completed on-line increases, the number of more expensive branch transactions decreases. This is especially true of small business customers who tend to use the branch as the primary channel. Greater automation and productivity, as well as reduced human error lead to increased cost savings. The thin-client architecture over the Internet also reduces maintenance costs associated with frequent upgrades and support.

      Customer Delight
    Finacle corporate e-banking solution enables subscription based alerts ensure that a customer receives requisite information through the preferred channel. This leads to greater convenience and enables better monitoring of banking transactions in real time.