Finacle Consumer e-Banking

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Finacle Consumer e-Banking

Finacle consumer e-banking solution is a proven Internet banking and mobile banking solution for retail banking customers. Built on new-generation technology, it provides a single unified view of the customer's many relationships with the bank. The solution provides high flexibility for customization and robust security features.

This solution can be interfaced with any core banking solution directly or through an industry standard middleware. It provides banking customers real time access to their relationships with the bank such as account inquiries, fund transfers, credit cards, mutual funds payments and remittances. It enables them to make payments to individuals or institutions, and other general payments online. It also has a powerful Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) module, designed to help customers make their utility bill payments. In addition, the powerful Finacle alerts solution provides two-way multi-channel (SMS, WAP, e-mail, fax and voice) alerts.

Built on industry-standard platforms J2EE and .NET, the solution is platform independent. It is also highly secure and supports different authentication mechanisms.

Key Modules:
  • Core Module
  • Payments Module
  • Credit Card and Mutual Fund Modules
  • Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) Module
  • Alerts Module
  • Security Features
  • Mobile Banking

  • Business Benefits
      Improved Cross-sell Framework
    The consumer e-banking solution offers a unified view of the customer, allowing single point access to all the relationships the customer has forged with the bank, including mutual funds, insurance and credit cards. The customer-centric architecture enables the bank to launch a one-stop financial portal for its customers. This effectively supports true relationship banking, providing a robust framework for cross-sell opportunities.

      Business Agility
    Built on industry standard platforms J2EE and .NET, the consumer e-banking solution provides the bank tremendous flexibility to extend its product portfolio and customize the solution according to requirements. The architecture of the solution enables the bank to write business rules once and deploy them anywhere, add new rules, modify existing ones or integrate them with other applications seamlessly. All this enhances agility of operation, helping the bank identify new opportunities and roll out new products.

      Robust Security
    The consumer e-banking solution offers extensive application security features and provides a robust framework to integrate with specialized security software. This enables the bank to confidently offer products that are highly secure and geared to withstand the onslaught of security threats that abound around Internet transactions.

      Customer Delight
    With the growing popularity of mobile devices, banks can offer the convenience of anywhere- anytime banking, using WAP or SMS. Finacle consumer e-banking solution makes it possible for customers to inquire on account balances and make fund transfers. Banks can also proactively send timely information to customers in a completely secure environment, whenever a customer-defined event occurs.