Universal Banking Solution (CORE)

What is Finacle?

Finacle core banking solution is a comprehensive, integrated yet modular business solution that effectively addresses the strategic and day-to-day challenges faced by banks. It is highly parameterizable providing that much-needed flexibility to innovate and adapt to a dynamic environment.

The solution has an integrated CRM module enabling banks to offer a rich and differentiated value proposition to customers. The layered Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), STP capabilities, Web-enabled technology and 24X7 operations ensure multi-channel, multi-country and multi-currency implementations. The functionality-rich modules in the solution provide banks with a varied palette of features to continuously innovate on their product and service offerings. From the services innovation perspective, Finacle offers a comprehensive and unified customer repository with capabilities to educate and empower customers. With Finacle core banking solution, banks can meet the challenges of managing change, competition, compliance and customer demands effectively.

Key Modules:

  • Enterprise Customer Information
  • Consumer Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Corporate Banking
  • Trade Finance
  • Islamic Banking
  • Functional Services
  • Reusable Business Components
  • Accounting Backbone
  • Infrastructure
  • Business Benefits Differentiated Product Spread Finacle core banking solution offers an unlimited palette of features for banks to design and deploy products for varying market segments. The product bundling capabilities of the solution offer a wide range of possibilities for banks to create products with innovative features. The facilities provided for differential pricing, channel rules and customization through Finacle Studio – the scripting engine, empower banks to continuously innovate and extend their suite of products, across segments.

    Agile Operations The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enables the IT team at the bank to effect changes without touching the base code, ensuring lesser vendor dependency and faster adaptability to changing business conditions.

    Robust Cross-sell Framework The CIF and CRM capabilities in Finacle offer a unified view of the customer across the entire solution and across multiple back-end applications, enabling the bank to view the customer from a completely informed angle. This empowers banks to effectively manage customer relationships and aggressively explore cross-sell opportunities.

    Increased Operational Efficiencies and Productivity Finacle core banking solution supports business event automation and process orchestration, thus eliminating manual tasks and reducing process time. The elimination of error and data redundancies also results in increased branch productivity. Straight Through Processing (STP) abilities enhance reduction in turnaround and processing time, increasing output and enabling speedy completion of tasks.

    Core Modules

    Enterprise Customer Information
    Consumer Banking
    Wealth Management
    Corporate Banking
    Trade Finance

    Our Solutions

    Finacle from Infosys partners with banks to power-up their innovation agenda, enabling them to differentiate their products and service, enhance customer experience and achieve greater operational efficiency. This proven and effective framework for multi-disciplinary change, enables banks to shift their strategic and operational priorities.
    Finacle solutions address the core banking, e-banking, Islamic banking, treasury, wealth management and CRM requirements of retail, corporate and universal banks worldwide. Several powerful and differentiating features make Finacle one of the most comprehensive, flexible and scalable universal banking solution in its class. These solutions when associated with Finacle services, empower banks to maximize their opportunities for growth, while minimizing the risks that come with large-scale business transformation. Finacle is the chosen solution in over 140 banks across 73 countries. Finacle is implemented across countries like the US, UK, UAE, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal, Nigeria, Indonesia, Singapore, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Philippines, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and India. Read More