Finacle CRM

Intelligence driven by values

Finacle Customer Relationship Module

Finacle CRM solution is a modular, multilingual, Web-based customer-centric application that enables banks to leverage ready-to-deploy CRM functionality for competitive differentiation. Integrated with Finacle core banking solution, Finacle CRM solution offers end-to-end functionality to effectively address the needs of the complete cycle of marketing, sales and service for banking products.

Facilitating a unified 360° view of the customer across product lines and multiple back-end systems, it enables banks to improve customer experience across channels and empowers them with a robust platform for cross-sell opportunities. It also arms banks with the technology muscle to increase reach through effective marketing campaigns. Finacle CRM solution’s proven scalability further ensures that it can meet the needs of growing banks.

Key Modules:
  • Enterprise Customer Information File (CIF)
  • Sales
  • Loan Origination
  • Service
  • Call center
  • Marketing

  • Business Benefits
      Aggressive Customer Acquisition
    Finacle CRM solution supports the creation of demand generation through multi-channel and multi-wave campaigns. The solution ensures the bank’s marketing message is appropriately personalized and targeted towards the most suitable segment of prospects. This optimizes marketing efforts and results in greater conversion of prospects.

      Improved Cross-sell Framework
    The solution presents a unified 360° view of the customer, allowing single point access to all the relationships the customer has forged with the bank. This along with robust customer analytics effectively supports true relationship banking, providing a robust framework for cross-sell opportunities. Finacle CRM solution also integrates with other white labeled solutions to facilitate contextual and personalized customer engagement, with a keen focus on right-talk driven right-sell.

      Increased Operational Efficiencies and Collaboration
    Finacle CRM solution supports business automation for processes and business activities, eliminating manual tasks and reducing process time. Straight Through Processing abilities enhance reduction in turnaround and processing time, increasing output and enabling speedy completion of tasks. The multilingual Web-based single repository of information enables remotely located bankers to collaborate and transact seamlessly.