Finacle Direct Banking

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Finacle Direct Banking

Finacle direct banking solution is a comprehensive solution for banks to directly acquire, track and service customers, through the Internet, mobile or call center channels, in the complete absence of a brick and mortar infrastructure. Built on new-generation technology, it provides an end-to-end platform that supports the full-fledged delivery of a comprehensive range of assets and liabilities solutions, facilitated through direct access to the customer 24/7, 365 days a year.

The solution is interfaced with a powerful online sales enabler infrastructure, to drive customer e-acquisition and extend the branchless bank’s outreach. It opens up an exciting new channel for banks to convert prospects to profitable customers, without the support of a branch. Powered by Finacle universal banking engine that addresses the core banking, CRM, wealth management and e-banking needs of the bank, this seamless banking solution is completely equipped to support true relationship banking. It enables banking customers with real-time access to their relationships with the bank, such as deposits, account inquiries, fund transfers, credit card and mutual fund services. It empowers them to make utility bill payments and payments to individuals or institutions, without investing time to access a conventional branch. In addition, the powerful Finacle alerts solution provides multi-channel alerts, establishing strong communication links that facilitates effective relationship management.

Complete with pre-configured parameters and support for multi-lingual call-center operations, Finacle direct banking solution supports rapid multi-entity rollouts that can be operational from day one. Complete operational partnering from Finacle, bringing with it the advantages of proven know-how across all Finacle components and functions – consulting, implementation, BPO – helps the direct bank optimize efficiencies and costs.

A platform independent solution, Finacle direct banking solution is also highly secure and supports multiple authentication mechanisms.

Key Features:
  • Online Customer Acquisition
  • Online Service Fulfillment
  • Business Process Outsourcing Services

  • Business Benefits
      Rapid Business Roll-out
    Finacle direct banking solution, with its pre-configured processes and support for right-sourcing of complete operational logistics, enables rapid roll-out of branchless banking across multiple entities and channels. The ready-for-market outsourced back office, with resources skilled in Finacle modules and functions, addresses the needs of direct business entities of banks seeking to penetrate new geographies and expand network in existing markets. Support for multi-lingual call-center operations ensures that these multi-entity rollouts service customers effectively, from day one.

      Aggressive Customer Acquisition
    Finacle direct banking solution supports the creation of demand generation through online sales enablers, for banks with no branches to drive customer acquisition. Support for multi-channel campaigns that promote transparency of product pricing, loyalty campaigns and brand strength, optimize marketing efforts and results in greater conversion of prospects.

      Lower TCO
    The solution is differentiated by the option it presents to banks to outsource operational logistics, leveraging right skilled resources with know-how of Finacle components and functions. This significantly maximizes service efficiencies and cost rationalization. Finacle direct banking solution also facilitates reduction in service distribution and transaction costs, by enabling the deployment of an optimized channel management strategy.

      Improved Cross-Sell Framework
    The seamless integration of online and offline channels, presents a customer-centric architecture that engages a breadth of channels ranging from ATMs to self-service kiosks. It enables branchless banks to offer a one-stop financial portal for customers. This effectively supports true relationship banking, providing a robust framework for cross-sell opportunities.

      Robust Security
    The solution presents extensive security features and provides a sturdy grid to integrate with specialized security software. It enables the direct bank to offer products that are highly secure and gear up to withstand the onslaught of security threats around Internet transactions.

      Customer Delight
    The alerts engine functions as the customer’s online relationship manager. It ensures that customers receive requisite information through the preferred channel. The easy-navigation, pre-populated content management toolkit provides timely and relevant advisory services. The solution also facilitates the delivery of consistent service levels and continuous innovations in products spread. Its self-service capabilities further empower customers to manage their banking activities better.